This Contract contains all the terms and conditions which are applied to the Program of Note4Piano Affiliation.

1. Inscription and Acceptance

To register, you must send a complete request on our website. You will receive a confirmation email of your inscription in the 24h.

2. Commands Follow-up.

We will take care and handle the commands products made by customers, who follow special links from your site towards our site. You will be able to follow the statistics of the sales that you will have done. To allow follow-up and precise commissions, it's your responsibility to ensure that the links on your website to our website are correctly entered, with you affiliated login. When a customer visits our site from your links, our site saves your affiliated login, and it's used to follow the orders made from your site.

3. Products

So that the sale of a product gives you a commission, the customer has to follow a link of your site, towards ours, buy the product by using our on-line service purchase, Buy the product by using our service of on-line purchase, accept the delivery of the product at the address of delivery, and subject us a complete payment. We reserve the right to reject the commands which are not in accordance with the conditions we impose, at which case no commissions will be paid on these commands. We shall credit your site for every payable purchase a customer makes.

4. Commissions

You will earn commissions based on the selling price of our products, on the basis of 8 % of the total of products.

5. Policy and Price

The customers buying products through this membership will be treated as customers of Note4Piano and will be subject to all our rules and to our tariff policy.

6. Duration of the Agreement

This Agreement will begin once you have registrad and will end when one part or the other will end it, according to the terms of this Contract. One oart or the other can cancel this agreement at any time, for any reason, by writting an announcement to the other. You are eligible to perceive commissions on the payable sales occurring during the duration of the contract. Commissions gained before the ending of the agreement shall remain payable only if the commands aren't canceled or sent back.

7. Variations

We can change at any time, modalities or conditions written in this Contract. The changes can be related to the available commissions, at the time of the payment, to the procedures of payment, and to the rules of the membership. If a variation seems to you unacceptable, you only have to cancel the agreement.

8. No Partnership

No parts of this agreement will be or will be considered as a partnership, a joint-venture company, an agency, a franchising, a representing of sales, or report of employment between the parts. You will have no authority to make or accept offers or representations in our name. You will not make statements, on your website or elsewhere, which would contradict in any way this contract.

9. Responsibility’s Limitation

We cannot be considered responsible for damages caused indirectly, for the loss of incomes, earnings or information related with this contract. Furthermore, our global responsibility concerning these damages and the program cannot exceed the total commission paid or payable, interconnected with this agreement.

10. Independent investigation

You acknowledge you have read and acquainted with this agreement and accept all the terms and conditions. This Agreement doesn’t mean exclusivity between You and Note4Piano. We reserve the right to accept members of similar or rival Sites of your website. You appreciated, with no financial interest, participating in this program and will take no advantage of statement, guarantee or commitment other than those who are expressly mentioned in the agreement.