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Heumann, Hans Günter : Für Elise
Für Elise
Für Elise;
Für Elise
Author / Composer : Heumann, Hans Günter
Arrangments : Piano Solo
Publisher : Schott
Description : This collection of the most beautiful 100 easy original compositions for piano presented by Schott contains a selection of works that accompany every pupil in the first years of his or her piano lessons.

The volume contains compositions from the days of Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706) to the days of Alexander Grechaninov (1864-1956), providing playing material from the high baroque period to the early 20th century. Apart from numerous individual pieces, there are also easy sonatas and sonatinas by Haydn, Cimarosa, Clementi, Mozart and Beethoven. Complete with fingerings, tempo suggestions in the form of metronome numbers and notes on the execution of ornaments, the collection with its modern, readable typeface is ideal not only for lessons, but also for the private music-making of every music lover.

This album represents superb value for money!

Généralement expédié sous 1 semaine

Content :

J. Pachelbel: Fuga C major
J. Kuhnau: Prelude G major
J.K.F. Fischer: Prelude harpeggiato C major
C. Petzold: Menuett G major (BWV Anh. 114) - Menuet G minor (BWV Anh. 115)
G.P. Telemann: Gigue G major - J.P. Rameau: Le Tambourin
Menuett en rondeau C major - J.S. Bach: Musette D major (BWV Anh. 126) - Menuett G major (BWV Anh. 116) - Polonaise G minor (BWV Anh. 119) Menuett D minor (BWV Anh. 132) - Preludium C major (BWV 924) - Preludium F major (BWV 927) - Preludium C major (BWV 939) - Preludium C minor (BWV 999) - Preludium No.1 C major - Invention No.1 C major (BWV 772) - Invention No.4 D minor (BWV 775)
G.F. Handel: Sarabande D minor - Gavotte G major - Chaconne D minor - C.P.E. Bach: Marche D major - Marche G major J.C.F. Bach: Solfeggio D major - J. Haydn: Menuett F major - German Dance D major - Andante A major - Sonata C major (Hob.XVI: 1) - Sonata G major (Hob.XVI: 8) - J.W. Häßler: Prélude varié C major - Ecossaise G major - C.G. Neefe: Romance C major
D. Cimarosa: Easy Sonata G major - D.G. Türk: Rondo in miniature F major
M. Clementi: Sonatina C major, op. 36/1
W.A. Mozart: Menuett G major (KV 1e + f (Trio)) - Menuett F major (KV 2) - Allegro Bb major (KV 3) - Menuett F major (KV 5) - Menuett C major (KV 6) - Rondeau D major (KV 15d) - Easy Sonata C major - L.v. Beethoven: Ecossaise G major - German Dance A major - German Dance A major - Sonatina G major - Sonatina F major - Für Elise (WoO 59) - Happy/Slad (WoO 54) - Easy Sonata G major, op.49/2 - Bagatelle G minor, op.119/1
F. Kuhlau: Variations on an Austrian Folk Song, op. 42/1 - F. Schubert: Ecossaise G major, op.18/4 - Ländler Eb major (D 679/2) - Waltz B minor, op.18/6 - Ecossaise B minor, op.33/1 - Valse sentimentale Eb major, op.50/27 - Grätzer Walzer C major, op.91a
J.B. Duvernoy: Allegretto C major, op.176/24
F. Burgmüller: Arabesque, op.100/2 - Tarantella, op.100/20 - Ballad, op.100/15 - Restöessmess, op.100/18
F. Mendelssohn: Venetian Boat Song, op.19/6 - Venetian Boat Song, op.30/6
R. Schumann: From foreign Lands and People, op.15/1
R. Schumann: Pleading Child, op.15/4 - Bogeyman's Coming, op.15/11 - Poor little Orphanchild, op.68/6 - Reveries, op.15/7 - Wild Horseman, op.68/8 - The Merry Peasant, op.68/10 - Siciliana, op.68/11 - First Loss, op.68/16 F. Chopin: Mazurka A minor, op.7/2 - Mazurka F major, op.68/3 - Polonaise G minor (Bl 1) - Polonaise Bb major (Bl 3) - Prélude B minor, op.28/6 - Waltz A minor, op. posth. - Prélude E minor, op.28/4
C. Gurlitt: Theme with Variations - Valse noble C major, op.210/17
C. Franck: Les Plaintes d'une Poupée P.I. Tchaikovsky: The Sick Doll, op.39/6 - The Doll's Funeral, op.39/7 - The New Doll, op.39/9 - Italian Song, op.39/15 - Mazurka, op.39/10 - Sweet Dreaming, op.39/21 - Old French Song, op.39/16
E. Grieg: Arietta, op.12/1 - Waltz, op.12/2 - Norwegian Melody, op.12/6
C. Debussy: Cakewalke (The little negro) A. Gretchaninov: Njanja is ill, op.98/7 - Lullaby, op.98/9 - The little Show-Off, op.98/15 - An old Romance, op.119/2
Pages : 182
ISMN / ISBN : 9790000000000Reference : ED20044
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