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Frescobaldi, Girolamo : Nouvelle Edition de l

Nouvelle Edition de l'intégrale des œuvres pour Orgue et Claviers - Volume 1

[ / New Edition of the Complete Organ and Keyboard Works - Volume 1 / Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Orgel- und Clavierwerke - Band 1]

Auteur / Compositeur :

Frescobaldi, Girolamo

Co-auteurs : Editeurs : Kenneth Gilbert & Christopher Sternbrid

Instrumentation : Orgue, Piano, Clavecin

Editions : Baerenreiter Verlag

Descriptif : Girolamo Frescobaldi’s music profoundly influenced such composers as Froberger , Buxtehude, J. S. Bach and Muffat . This is a new Urtext edition in four volumes which provides professional musicians, musicologists as well as interested amateurs with a musical text which incorporates the latest musicological research giving a comprehensive account of all currently known sources and their genesis. This edition was prepared by Kenneth Gilbert and Christopher Stembridge , perhaps the leading authorities in the field.'
Each volume in the New Frescobaldi Edition opens with an introduction to the genesis, sources, performance practice, and editorial methodology and ends with a critical report.'
- Scholarly-critical edition in four volumes'
- Forefront of musicological research'
- Detailed preface (German/ English), critical report (German/English), and catalogue of sources'
“More than ever, Bärenreiter have done themselves proud in producing a very scholarly edition of a fairly arcane area of the repertoire which therefore calls for close attention to the original sources and reliable guidance for performers today. …As the music doesn’t feature a separate pedal part, this collection will be welcomed by keyboard players as much as by organists. ”'
(The Organ, Feb-April 2011)'
“ Stembridge’s new edition thus has some of the features of a scholarly performing edition and some of the features of a complete critical edition. It provides the level of detail usually found in a critical edition and with its multiple readings of sources is a superb scholarly reference. On the other hand, that very multiplicity challenges the performer to work with an “open” text, to experiment with different versions of a work, and to revisit questions of improvisation within 17 th -century performance practice. As such, this is a valuable addition to the range of modern editions of Frescobaldi’s keyboard music.”'
(Early Music Advance Acc. Published January 25, 2011)'
“…this new edition must stand as the definitve Source for the great man’s work, attracting the academic as well as the layman by the extremely eloquent approach ,… ”'
“…worth every penny.”'
(Harpsichord Fortepiano vol. 14 (2010), No. 2.)'
“This edition will prove to be a constant source of reference and a stimulant to further engagement - a most welcome publication.”'
(Choir Organ Jan/Feb.2010)

Délais d'expédition

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Contenu :

Dankesworte / Acknowledgments
Vorwort / Preface:
Die Neuausgabe / The New Edition
Einführung / Introduction
Die Musik / The Music
Frescobaldis Notation und ihre Bedeutung für den Interpreten / Frescobaldi's Notation - Implications for the Performer
Aufführungspraxis / Interpretation
Verzierungen / Ornamentation
Alteration / Chromatic Alteration
Abkürzungen und Symbole / Abbrevations and Symbols
Recercari, et Canzoni franzese fatte sopra diversi oblighi in partitura ... libro primo, Roma, Zannetti, 1615, ²1618:
Recercar Primo
Recercar Secondo
Recercar Terzo
Recercar Quarto, Faksimile / Facsimile
Recercar Quarto, Obligo mi, re, fa, mi
Recercar Quinto
Recercar Sesto, Obligo fa, fa, sol, la, fa
Recercar Settimo, Obligo sol, mi, fa, la, sol
Recercar Ottavo, Obligo di non mai di grado
Recercar Nono, Obligo di quattro soggetti
Recercar Decimo, Obligo la, fa, sol,la ,re
Canzona Prima, Primo Tono
Canzona Seconda, Primo Tono
Canzona Terza, Secondo Tono
Canzona Quarta, Sesto Tono
Canzona Quinta, Nono Tono
Anhang / Appendix: Ricercar Quinto (To)
Die Quellen / The Sources
Zur Edition / Editorial Policy
Kritischer Bericht / Critical Commentary

Reliure : Cartonné / Plats de carton
Format : 24,0 x 30,5 cm
Nb de Pages : 59
Langue : Anglais / Allemand
Type d'édition : Edition Urtext
Date d'édition : 2009
ISMN / ISBN : 9790010000000
Référence : BA8411

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