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How does it work?
Becoming affiliated to is a simple way to offer a bonus to your visitors while increasing your notoriety.
Register; choose the link you want to insert on your website! And there you go!

1. How do I register ?
The inscription is simple, fast and free! To benefit of all the advantages of the affiliation, fill in a small form.
Click here to register to the program of affiliation of

2. Can my inscription be refused ?
Once you've filled the inscription form, a confirmation email will be sent to you. We reserve ourselves the right to refuse or suspend a partnership who would go against the charter of our service or who would not respect the terms of the contract of affiliation.

3. How much does my inscription cost to the program of affiliation?
The affiliation with the site is completely free!

4. How much will I earn with this program of affiliation ?

You will receive 5% on all the sales you permitted !

5. How to create an affliate link ?
You only have to add the code ve=<your affiliate Login> on each link of your website, leading to
Example : affiliate Login
Don’t forget to replace <your affiliate Login> by the ID you received in the confirmation email…

6 . How do I insert banners on my website?

You can also search engine integrate our banners like oure search engine on your website

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